What we do -----------------------------------------------

  • Help you choose the Canadian province where you will immigrate and the best immigration option for you
  • Get you, your spouse and children Canadian Permanent Resident cards
  • Explain how to get Canadian passports and what documents and information you need to record and keep
  • Find schools for your children
  • Explain how to get a health card and driving licence
  • Help you find a home, open bank accounts and get loans
  • Introduce you to Accountants
  • Help you build your resume according to Canadian standards
  • Explain the best tools and methods to get a job
  • Put you in touch with an entire network of individuals and professionals to help you integrate into the Canadian society quickly and successfully – before, during, and after coming to Canada.

Canada has about 80 different immigration programs, many leading to permanent residency. The most well known permanent residency program remains however the Express Entry.

Under this program, you need to score at least 7 in English (IELTS) or French (TEF), demonstrate that your level of education is equivalent in Canada, and prove your work experience. Every single point counts. Having Canadian work experience, a Canadian education or a job offer will positively increase your chances of being selected under this program.

Contact us to know which permanent immigration programs will apply to your specific case.