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Work permits


  • Find the best immigration option and walk the employers and the foreign talents through the entire process

  • Compile all required documentation

  • Draft the job offers and the confirmation letters of employment

  • Complete the Employer Portal on behalf of the employer

  • Obtain work permits for the employee and the accompanying family members (spouse and children under 22 years old)

  • Advise employers about the legal compliance regime related to Temporary Foreign Workers


  • LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)

    • Must justify why the foreign worker’s skills are unique and not easily available in Canada.

    • Can lead to a work permit or directly to permanent residence.

  • Francophone Mobility (francophones)

    • For francophones fully fluent in French

    • Must have a job offer outside of Quebec

  • Intra-Company Transfer - “ICT” (employees transferred to the Canadian branch)

    • Have acquired at least 1 year of continuous work experience in the company back home within the past 3 years

    • Have specific skills that are needed for the position in Canada

  • Global Talent Stream (technology)

  • CETA (for Europeans)

  • NAFTA (for USA and Mexicans)

  • International Experience Canada (called “PVT” or “Young Professionals” – for 18 to 35 years old citizens of certain countries only)

    • Under the Working Holiday Visas category (or PVT in French), there is no need for a job offer.

    • Under the Young Professional category (or Jeunes Professionnels in French), you need a job offer before applying.

  • Work Permits for citizens of Chile, Peru, Colombia, South Korea

    • Under specific trade agreements, Canadian companies can hire professionals, contractors, employees or self-employed individuals from these countries to work in Canada.

  • Post-Graduate Open Work Permit

    • After graduating from a post-secondary Designated Learning Institution in Canada

  • Bridging Open Work Permit

  • Spouse or Common-Law Partner Open Work Permit

  • Other work permits depending on the job performed in Canada (ex: religious workers, academics, researchers, artists crew, etc.)

  • Employer Compliance

    • Train employers on how to remain compliant with Canadian Immigration Laws related to Temporary Foreign Workers

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