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Study permit

  • You first need to obtain a letter of acceptance from a Canadian school.

  • Only some universities and colleges can lead to a post-graduate work permit after graduation. You can find the list here

  • Selecting a study program wisely will be crucial to the success of a study permit application.┬áThe more specific and niche your program of study is, the stronger your study permit application will be.

  • Once you have obtained a letter of acceptance, we will help you obtain a study permit.

  • Your spouse and children can come with you to Canada. Your spouse can receive an Open Work Permit, and your children Study Permits or Visitor Records (depends on their age).

  • Once you graduate, you will receive a work permit. Generally, if you study 1 year, you will only obtain a 1-year study permit. If you study 2 years or more, you will obtain a 3-year work permit. It will be an Open Work Permit allowing you to work where you want and for who you want in Canada.

  • Depending on your province of study and other factors such as age, language skills, past work experiences, you may be able to apply for permanent residence soon after your graduation.

For additional detail about the Post-Graduate Work Permit, click here

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