Gaurav GUPTA

Gaurav GUPTA is originally from India and immigrated to Canada 2 years ago.

He is now the Director of Finance at Ekagrata Inc., an angel investor approved by the Government of Canada to support and guide entrepreneurs through the Start-Up Visa program. Ekagrata works hand in hand with its incubator, Soar Innovation, which Gaurav also manages.

Start-Up Visa program

Under the Start-Up Visa program, entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas can get the support of an incubator, angel investor or venture capitalist who provide all the tools they need to succeed once in Canada (business strategy, client introduction, office space, fundings, financial management, business network). In exchange, an angel investor must invest at least $75,000 CAD into the foreign entrepreneur ‘s business. The support an angel investor such as Ekagrata or its incubator’s branch, Soar Innovation is priceless to newly immigrant entrepreneurs looking to open a successful startup in Canada.

To be approved by Ekagrata’s incubator’s branch, Soar Innovation, entrepreneurs must show long-term commitment and demonstrate efforts towards the success of their business. With the support of their Canadian angel investor, foreign entrepreneurs can obtain a work permit within approximately 4 months, while their permanent residence application is being processed. The permanent residence application takes 1 to 1.5 year and during that time, entrepreneurs must work on their business to comply with the Start-Up Visa program.

Start-Up Visa program

To immigrate from India to Canada, Gaurav applied for permanent residence under the Express Entry program, as a Federal Skilled Worker. Since day one, Gaurav settled in the rural municipality of Chatham-Kent, located in Southwestern Ontario, only 3 hours drive from Toronto.

He enjoys a peaceful life, with a welcoming community, and has everything he needs within 10 minutes from his home, without having to go through any traffic – ever. Gaurav also benefits from affordable real estate prices compared to a bigger city like Toronto where houses are now above $1M CAD.

Gaurav’s success story demonstrates once more that there is a lot more to Canada than the big cities of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal; it’s a land of opportunities. Take the time to learn about Canada, including about its rural regions, and make a knowledgeable decision before settling for a city.

With a background in accounting and extensive business experience, Gaurav and its angel investor team “help entrepreneurs start transforming their innovative ideas, operate it as real practical business, accelerate the growth to a global scale and replicate the success” while helping them along with their legal immigration lawyers, navigate through the Start-Up Visa program.

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