Collision Conference – Takeaways

Collision, “North America Fastest Growing Tech Conference”, or at least one of the World’s biggest tech conferences, was held online this year. How was it? Was it worth it? What do you get from it?


  • 450 speakers: innovators, investors, journalists and leaders from the biggest names in tech.
  • 32,000 attendees.
  • More than 1,000 startups.
  • PITCH startup competition: 300 applicants, 50 shortlisted businesses, 10 semi-finalists, 3 finalists, 1 winner.


  • 3 days of talks, from 10am to 5:30pm – some features running even before and after those times.
  • Access to different video channels at the same time: live interviews, radio, classic talks, press conferences, workshops and masterclasses.
  • Access to the Collision app which allowed us to search attendees by: name, organization, country.

What we loved - by order of preference

  • For an online conference of this size (450 speakers – 3 days full-time – 32,000 attendees from all over the world), we were impressed by the quality of the organization, despite maybe a few minor technical issues.
  • Once you connected with an attendee (meaning once we both agreed to connect), we had access to their emails. At any time, we could request that our contact list be emailed to us in an excel spreadsheet ready for upload into our CRM.
  • Amazing lead generation.
  • After the talks, some speakers were available for Q&A sessions which allowed us to have answers on the spot.
  • Virtual conference made it easier to connect with more people.
  • We were able to witness 3 rounds of live pitches. We will be dedicating an entire article solely to this, so stay tuned. Participants truly deserve it.
  • Speakers were from all over the world, although accent was on North America.

What we thing could be improved

  • There were too many talks, all running at the same time. It made it harder to choose the ones we really wanted to listen to. We were also tempted to catch up another talk in the midst of the one we had planned on watching.
  • Some discussions were only 5-10min long, which we did not find very relevant as it only scratched the surface. We would had preferred less speakers but longer in-depth talks.
  • Many discussions were focused on COVID. Yes, we all got it, we must adapt and it does impact us, however we were expecting more information about technicalities of the industries, processes, new requirements, key innovations, etc., rather than to hear what most of us already know.
What did we hear about?

  • Startup investments have not stopped.

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