What we do -----------------------------------------------

  • Go over your education and professional backgrounds
  • Determine your long term goals
  • Help you choose the best colleges and universities
  • Help you apply for a program and obtain an acceptance letter
  • Get a study permit for you
  • Get a work permit for your spouse
  • Get study permits for your children
  • Help you find a home, open a bank account, get your health card and driving licence
  • Put you in touch with an entire network of individuals and professionals to help you integrate into the Canadian society quickly and successfully – before, during, and after coming to Canada.

Selecting a study program wisely will be crucial to the success of a study permit application. We work with Education Consultants who will help you select the right programs and schools specifically tailored to your needs and in accordance with immigration requirements.

Once you graduated, you will receive a work permit. Depending on your province of study and other factors such as age, language skills, past work experiences, you may be able to apply for permanent residence soon after your graduation.